Monday, August 15, 2011

And on the Day That You Die...'ll be dead. Hey friendo, we're setting out for our last out of town shows this Thursday. After we fail to move the Moving Castle here in town on Wednesday, we'll be making our way to Grand Rapids to play the DAAC on Thursday. This place has certainly been a second home, and all our brothers and sisters from other mothers and misters reside here, this is one we can't wait for. We're gonna irish funeral this shit, thanks for the memories and please come hang if you can. Then, we're jetting north to Toronto for A Mountain Far Fest. Big thanks to our friends there for continually putting work into getting us, along with countless other idiots (ahem) that we're sorry we know up that way. This should be great, and we're really excited to spend our last moments in the van in such a fashion.

Next up: our final record. We are beyond excited to announce that the last four songs we recorded at Permanent Hearing Damage with be a joint release between friends old and new. Our main men over at Ice Age Records and Kid Sister Everything, along with our new pals at Adagio830, will be releasing our final EP entitled 'Keep Well' as a 10" this fall. Everything is off to the plant this week, and the records should hopefully materialize for our last shows. Many thanks to these guys for sticking by us over the years, and for taking a chance on some dudes on the way out. Please take the time to stop and check out all the amazing things these peeps have going on.

Then. Oh, shit. We'd like to think that this is what we've been working up to since the moment we became a band, and almost 4 years later, we're very proud to say that we're just about there. We're working with Utarid Booking, and in October, we'll be making our way to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, and playing some of our last shows as a two week tour there. This is a dream come true for the three of us, and many thanks to Arwith for extending this opportunity to us. Everything is coming together real crazy like, but we should hopefully have details knocked out in the next month.

Upon our return, we're looking to get friends together for one final sweat sesh. Still figuring out dates and other deets, but if anybody in Chicago is interested in hosting, we'd love to hang. This city has been a big part of this band, and we're very excited to see everyone that has come to mean so much to us. Thanks for looking out, we'll catch you soon, huh?


  1. excited to see you guys live here in Malaysia=)
    but so sad to hear it will be your last show=(


  2. thanks! make sure to come say hello, we're very excited to get over there. keep in touch!