Friday, June 10, 2011


empty bottle with coping, cave bear, and living and wrestling on monday. that shit is free, get there.

then, we've posted some additional information for our summer tour with the reptilian. keep a lookout here:

big thanks to kris and everybody at fearless radio and rebecca at betta promotions for getting us over there, we had a lot of fun. the podcast has been posted, swing by and check it out to hear us talk about shit even we don't care about, and a partially mixed version of a new song, 'slow eyes'.
*note all of the stupid fucking promo shots, including ours. jesus, we can't do this anymore*

and swing by our bandcamp page next friday the 17th, from midnight to 7pm. we're going to post two partially mixed, unmastered tracks from our recording session with steve roche at permanent hearing damage. the songs will only be up for the day, and then we'll soon let you know what's going to happen with them shits.

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