Friday, January 28, 2011

Eyes Peeled/Skin Crawling

Ok, we're trying to whip this blog into shape so we don't waste any more of our lives on myspace/facebook/groupon.  Er, whatever.  More to come, keep checking back.  We've posted all the shows we have in the immediate future, and are pretty damn excited about the next three months.  Stay tuned for more on these, a quick trip with some good friends come April, and upcoming releases.  We'll also have news about how you can now get your hands on 'That Ghost...' Jeez, look at us.  

We've also created a Bandcamp.  If anybody that's not old/stupid/ugly like us would like to show us how to work it, it'd be much appreciated.  All this will be updated SOON.

Lastly, we're super proud of our guy Zach and his recent shennanigans with Delmar and the Dedications.  Do yerself a huge favor and check these studs out.

find somebody to smooch, and check out 'Mansion Sessions':

thats all for now, see you soon!

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