Friday, July 16, 2010

Half Way to Hell

We've about made it half way through tour, and though this trip has been a little more trying, we sure appreciate the kindness we've been shown along the way.  In spite of the missing equipment, unbelievable heat, illness, and vehicle troubles, we're having a great time, and can't wait for the coming weeks.  Again, we've got a tour only version of our new record, come hang.

And as always, mad love/support to all homies we've met along the way.

Ottawa Tavern
Run, Forever
Burn Idols
the Boombox
the Fordists
the Sidekicks
Black Powder crew
the Book Slave
shit river
the Hangar
Wayward Council
the ocean
Steven and Alex at Cassette House
blue dream
Wonderroot and Dakota
Spring Street Fireouse
Black Hole Kids (nightswim FTW)
huge ass beers to go and the blues in Memphis
fuck those two guys in memphis

huge thanks to Salt Water Taffy House for putting up with our goony asses.
much love to Sam, Tucker, Ian, Kourtney, Bobby, Jessica and everybody else that kicked it with us or showed us around. 

Tom at BRB Transmission: you're the man now, dawg.

Joe and everybody in Iowa City, it was short, but real sweet.

and to weed wolf, or should we say w$$d wolf: here's hoping.

next up, Cloud Mouth: International Men of Misery

thanks peeps!

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  1. Hey, kids. You guys should put your facebook links up here if you have them.
    This is Jessica from KC.
    No Dogs, No Masters and D'y'all Commute? That stuff is awesome.