Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coming Together

hey everybody, keep yer eyes peeled in the coming weeks as we'll have TONS of stuff going on. we'll soon be posting information as the releases we've got coming out in the near future. we've now approved the masters for the EP, and are still waiting for test presses on the 7" (duh)... look out for release dates, pressing, art, etc. we are SO stoked on this. big stuff soon, we promise. then, regarding tour. we're really hustling to try to get this lined up, and hopefully make this the best tour we've done yet. we've had lots of incredible people contact us, and we thank you for reaching out. that being said, we're going to put a few things together, look at any rerouting that needs to be done, and get this together ASAP. as soon as we get a few more tentative dates confirmed, and the routes look more finalized, we'll actually post the dates and any more info on our pages. again, if you've got an idea for us, please get at us at cloudmouth@yahoo.com lastly, we have the date for our first show back upon zach's return. this one means a lot to us, and to our friends, and we'll let you know soon. don't miss this one. new myspace layout? twitter? facebook? DON'T HOLD YER BREATH! www.myspace.com/cloudmouth www.theiceageiscoming.net

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